Jasmine Ayres

We’re asking you to sign this petition to let City Hall know that you want Jasmine to be appointed to the most recent vacancy. You may also call or mail letters of support to the city clerk’s office.

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Jasmine Ayres, a dedicated public servant and community organizer, with the Support of Yes We Can Columbus, has recently run an inspiring campaign for Columbus City Council. After mobilizing hundreds of volunteers and inspiring 30,000 voters to make a choice to support safety, justice, and equality in our communities, she is seeking the appointment of the most recent vacancy on Columbus City Council. Zach Klein, City Council President, will now be moving to the City Attorney’s office leaving a vacancy. Jasmine, as the highest non-incumbent vote-getter is again asking for the people’s support as she seeks an appointment for the vacant seat. Jasmine wants to continue to fight for everyday people in Columbus and provide a vision for the city that includes all of its residents regardless of zip code.

City of Columbus, I respectfully request the appointment of Jasmine Ayres to the City Council seat being left vacant by Zach Klein.

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